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Annual General Meeting 2022

Statement to Shareholders 2022
AR 2022 Proxy form
AR 2022 Request Form
CG Report 2022
Notice of 22nd AGM
Annual Report 2022
Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2022

Extraordinary General Meeting 2022

Notice of EGM 
Form of Proxy
Circulars to Shareholders dated 23 February 2022

Annual General Meeting 2021

Statement to Shareholders 2021
AR 2021 Proxy form
AR 2021 Request Form
CG Report 2021
Notice of 21st AGM
Annual Report 2021

Extraordinary General Meeting 2021

Notice of EGM 2021
Circular to Shareholders
Form of Proxy

Annual General Meeting 2020

Statement to Shareholders 2020
AR 2020 Proxy form
AR 2020 Request Form
CG Report 2020
Notice of 20th AGM
Annual Report 2020
Re-Scheduled 20th AGM (Notice)
Re-Scheduled 20th AGM (Proxy Form)
Notice of 20th AGM (Revised)