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Types of Vessel Available

As of Dec 2018
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Type of Vessel
Brief Details
Year Build
1Anchor Handling Supply Vessel60M 5150PS DP-1 FIFI-1 70T BPNew Build
2Anchor Handling Supply Vessel60M 6000PS DP-2 FIFI-1 80T BPNew Build
3Anchor Handling Supply Vessel65M 4800KW DP-2 FIFI-1 ASD 80T BPNew Build
4Anchor Handling Supply Vessel80M 9000KW DP-2 FIFI-2 165T BPNew Build
5Platform Supply Vessel60M 4000PS DP-2 FIFI-1 1500DWTNew Build
6Platform Supply Vessel75M 6000BHP DP-2 FIFI-1 3300DWTNew Build
7Platform Supply Vessel78M 6400PS DP-2 FIFI-1 4000DWTNew Build
8Subsea Support Maintenance Vessel85M 6000BHP DP-2 FIFI-1 ASD 100T AHC 200MENNew Build
9Accommodation Work Barge120M 300MEN 300TCRANE 8PT MOORING2015
10Twin Screw Tug Boat (NB)23M 1200BHPNew Build
11Twin Screw Tug Boat (NB)26M 1600BHPNew Build
12Twin Screw Tug Boat (Used)30M 2000BHP2007
13Oil Barge (Used)200FT 2443DWT2011
14Oil Barge (NB)280FT 5969DWT2013
15Oil Barge (Used)280FT 5969DWT2013
16Oil Barge (Used)230FT 3292DWT2011
17Oil Barge (Used)230FT 3292DWT2011
18Dumb Barge (NB)300FT 7500DWT 5T/M2 Sidewall2008
19Dumb Barge (Used)230FT 5T/M2 Sidewall & Ramp Door2003
20Azimuth Stern Drive Tug32M 4000PS FIFI-1 50T BPNew Build
Availability of vessel is subject to changes and  we may have more sister units available for each type.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Department directly for the more information.


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