IT & Admin Assistant

Job Scope & Responsibilities:

  • To do maintenance and repairs to all software, hardware, programming, of the Company computers.
  • Assist to backup the data of the Company’s computers upon instruction by Superior.
  • To do connection/ maintenance/ repair to user’s network.
  • Report to Superior whenever defection(s)/ damage(s) is/ are found and unable to be repaired on any computer(s) of the Company.
  • To manage daily admin work.
  • Develop budgets and plan for future upgrades with software, hardware, whatsoever which is including virus software, operating systems, e-mail systems, devices, suites and etc. for the Company’s computers.
  • To arrange, get quotation, negotiate prices for purchasing any computer or networks’ software and hardware.
  • Keep the Company’s homepage updated.
  • Design the company’s advertisement to related party/ies or authority/ies when necessary.
  • Review and renew contracts to related software, such as Symantec, Microsoft Office and etc.
  • Handling all IT matters for the entire organization.

Work Experience Requirements:

Minimum 2 – 3 year experience in related field.

Education Requirements:

Diploma or higher qualification.

Work Location:

Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia